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Here, we have a group-picture with two ladies and the most important other characters.
From the left to the right:
- Tasogare no purinsu (= Twilight Prince).
- Dr. Takeshi Kisaragi, the father of Honey,
- The best schoolfriend of Honey, Natsuko Aki. (She has pink-colored hair contrary to the picture and looks with it like an older version of Chibi-Usa.)
- Seiji Hayami, detective and somewhat Honey's partner with the fight of the evil. (From Honey always named "Seiji-san".)
- Cutey Honey
- Honey Kisaragi
- Miharu-san, one of the teachers at Honey's boarding school (and one of the worst watchdogs)
- the grandpa known from the Cutey Honey-OVAs. His name is Hayami Danbei.
- Sister Jill, the leader of the Panther Claws
- two of her helpers, which look always immediately and appear in masses. (And from Cutey Honey always defeated, quasi to heating up for the respective episode- ending-opponent = "Monster-of-the-day" like in Sailormoon)

An advertising-picture to Cutey Honey F with Honey in both versions.
(Apropos versions; in Cutey Honey F the heroine is in contrast to the " Original"-Cutey Honey no android. But a quite normal human being isn't she either...)

Biker-Honey And here are a few of the numerous Honey-versions, in which our heroine in the single episodes transforms. From left to right: " Hurricane Honey ", " Scoop Honey ", " Stage Honey ". These three belong to the six standard-versions, that appear from time to time again. The six versions are shown also in the opening.

And the other three standard-versions are here: " Nurse Honey ", " Elegance Honey ", and " Escort Honey ".
cutey-nurse.jpg - 23,98 K cutey-elegance.jpg - 34,04 K cutey-escort.jpg - 23,28 K

honey-caltitle.jpg - 79,18 K This is the picture, that has been taken for the title of the CHF-Kalenders of 1998. There, one sees Honey in her second transformation-step after " Cutey Honey ", namely " Hyper Honey " (from episode 23 on); immediately recognizably at the white top.
(A picture of the calendar and more is located on the side " Mangas+Merchandise .)

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