Screenshots from episode 39:

The 39. and last CHF-episode was aired on 31.01.98 in the Japanese television.
Title: " Hanayome Hanii! Ai no hikari wa eien ni. " (" Honey as a bride! The light of love shines for eternity ".)
Respecting the exact content, one refers to the summary of the episode.

chf-screen2m.jpg - 17,44 K And here it starts with a big surprise, namely with a picture of Honey and her small daughter Seira, which only appears in the last episode. Age and exact origin of Seira are (still) unclear.
chf-screen1m.jpg - 20,90 K Honey after the fencing lesson, that she has given at her old school. Left, one sees the now older Natsuko Aki, who holds Seira in the arm. The other persons are former schoolgirls and students, who have appeared regularly in the later episodes of CHF.
chf-screen3m.jpg - 19,06 K Natsuko makes a remark, that doesn't come with the present persons exactly upon enthusiasm. She seems to be convinced of it however very much : -)
chf-screen5m.jpg - 16,35 K Honey has gotten dressed to the fitting of her wedding-dress, which pleases the present persons visibly and of course also the spectator : -)
chf-screen6m.jpg - 14,70 K Honey looks with gleaming eyes at the casket, in which the collar and the ring are, with which she has changed in Cutey Honey earlier. She thinks also of her deceased father.
chf-screen7m.jpg - 14,44 K The Twilight Prince, Tasogare no prince, hands over Seira, that had been abducted by the Panther Claws previously, to her father.
(I doesn't know however, whether he is at all still the prince of the twilight, since he belongs to the good people now.)
chf-screen9m.jpg - 16,98 K Seira has wakened up in the arms of her father and is fascinated by the sight of " Hurricane Honey " who stands beside them. She asks Seiji who that is. Honey answers it with her enumeration of the single transformations and changes into Cutey Honey then.
chf-screen10m.jpg - 20,06 K Cutey Honey faces Sister Jill, which has appeared to the final fight. In the comparison to all preceding episodes, she looks strongly changed, with a new suit with strange equipment (with a panther-fur too?)
chf-screen11m.jpg - 12,25 K After she had no odd as Cutey Honey in the fight, Honey changes (after cheers of Seira) in Hyper Honey.

It is very showy that the transformation-sequence has been colored clearly darker than usual. This is to be attributed to the notorious " Pokemon-incident " of December 1997. Because of one episode of the series " Pokemon " (aka " Pocket Monster ") epileptic attacks of hundreds of jap. children had been caused through very fast flickering in certain colors. As a result scenes with light-effects were altered panicky or were changed, as here in Cutey Honey Flash.

chf-screen12m.jpg - 19,87 K Hyper Honey just views in deep thoughts the position where Sister Jill has dissolved into black nothingness after a deadly sword-attack of Honey.
chf-screen13m.jpg - 13,44 K Since her wedding-dress has been burned by Sister Jill, Honey must be content with this more modest, however also very nice "equipment". She already stands in front of the church.
chf-screen14m.jpg - 19,24 K Everyonq admire the bride. Especially Natsuko is very excited.
This stupid second teacher(?) [third from the left / however that is obviously!] also in the last episode is still there.
chf-screen15m.jpg - 17,83 K In front of the church stands the prince and says something nice about Honey. In the hand he doesn't hold white flowers like usually but colorful flowers for the first time.

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