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The central figure of the series is Honey Kisaragi, a schoolgirl of the boarding school " St. Chapel Academy " in Tokyo. At her 16. birthday she wants to meet her father, whom she admires very much. (Therefore she also always names him "oto-sama " and not " oto-san ". The ending -sama is one of the strongest politeness-forms in the Japanese.)
Her father is abducted before her eyes from the "Panther Claws " however. This is a bad grouping of monsters and demons with a wildly looking leader (Sister Jill) and a mighty sovereign (Panther Zora) in the background. These especially steal jewelry and other valuable, to attain power with it. In the original-story, they came from another dimension or another world and represented an embodiment of the evil. This is in the TV-series as well presumably.

Through an invention of her father, that she gets from a mysterious man with long silvery hair (Tasogare no purinsu, the prince of twilight), Honey can change into any person then. In the final stage of the transformation, she is "Cutey Honey ", the fighter of the light of love. As these, she lifts the fight against the "Panther Claws ".
She is supported by a courageous detective with the name Seiji Hayami. He plays an important role in almost all episodes and becomes a type of partner of Cutey Honey and with that (still ignorantly) also from Honey Kisaragi.

Also the prince of twilight helps her. He gives her keen advice and white flowers... But like the name already shows he plays a double game.

Seira Hazuki still appears later as an important character. She also becomes a schoolgirl at Honeys boarding school and can change into the bad " Misty Honey ". She claims to be the younger sister of Honey. But whoever is she for real?

Comment: In order not to spoil the tension, nothing is betrayed over the progress of the story to this position. Whoever wants to know more however (secrets of the single persons, end of the story etc) can look at some summaries of the altogether 39 episodes on the side " overview over the single TV-episodes ".

And here is a page with information about the Cutey Honey F - Movie

The characters:

honey-kisaragi-image.jpg - 10,77 K Honey Kisaragi:
Schoolgirl of the boarding school " St. Chapel Academy ". Through a mysterious invention of her father, she can change with the reputation " Honey Flash " into any persons, which are characters that look like her, normally. There are six standard-transformations, that she uses again and again, "Hurricane Honey " (motorcyclist), " Scoop Honey " (photo-reporter), " Nurse Honey " (nurse), " Escort Honey " (trip-companion), " Elegance Honey " (bride) and " Stage Honey " (nightclub-singer?). [Pictures to these six transformation-steps are on the page Cutey Honey-pictures with explanations. ]
cutey-honey-image.jpg - 9,38 K Cutey Honey:
The heroine of the series (like the title already betrays; -)). She is the actual person, in whom Honey Kisaragi changes. (" Ai no hikari o motsu otome - Cutey Honey! Anata no jinsei kawaru wa yo "!)
Later, Honey still can transform through another transformation-step in "Hyper Honey " .
(Comment: Perhaps it's called also " Hyper Cutey Honey ".)
takeshi-kisaragi-image.jpg - 10,98 K Dr. Takeshi Kisaragi:
The father of Honey Kisaragi. He is an outstanding inventor and scientists. He has invented also the objects, with which Honey can change. In the first episode, he is abducted by the Panther Claws. Later, he explains the secret of Honey and Seira.
seiji-hayami-image.jpg - 8,13 K Seiji Hayami:
He is active as detective and fights against the Panther Claws. When he was an child, the Panther Claws have killed his father. Because of the same goals, Seiji meets Cutey Honey again and again. Will he discover, that this is Honey Kisaragi in reality?
tasogare-no-prince-image.jpg - 7,64 K Tasogare no Prince:
The jap. word " tasogare " is translated as "twilight " . Therefore, I name him "Prinz des Zwielichts". US-Fans of the series call him "Twilight Prince ".
He has delivered Honey the objects, that turn her into Cutey Honey. Furthermore he helps her with good advices and always delivers her white flowers. But it already has its reasons, why he is called prince of the twilight!
natsuko-aki-image.jpg - 9,09 K Natsuko Aki:
She is the best schoolfriend of Honey and is always only named " Na-chan " by her (Perhaps this is written "Nat-chan"). She often cheers up Honey, when she is sad because of the fate of her father. One of her hobbies is photographing.
hayami-danbei-image.jpg - 10,49 K Hayami Danbei:
The " somewhat " strange grandpa, that is already known from the Cutey-Honey-OVAs. In the TV-series, he is the director of Honeys boarding school. (comment: He is according to a CHF-trading card "gakuenchou", from "gakuen"/"gakkou " = school and "chou " = chairperson, executive. According to an dictionary, principal is actually called "gakkouchou ", but that is the same presumably. "Kouchou " should be called for example also principal.)
Whether he is called "Hayami Danbei" or only "Danbei" in the series, is not yet quite clear.
seira-hazuki-image.jpg - 8,43 K Seira Hazuki:
She appears in episode 14 of the series as new schoolgirl at Honeys boarding school and claims to be the younger sister of Honey. Her holding back with respect to Honey is very hostile, which is clearly reinforced if she has changed in "Misty Honey". She uses the same saying for it like Honey, namely "Honey Flash". Her secret is revealed some episodes later.
She is the only person, who looks clearly differently in the CHF-Manga, incidentally as in the TV-series. Here is a Manga-Scan of her as evidence.
misty-honey-image.jpg - 12,39 K Misty Honey:
Seira Hazuki changes into this person. Misty Honey sees Cutey Honey from the guise similarly, but doesn't have short red but long black hair however. She also fights with a sword.
(BTW: Her name "Misty Honey" was chosen in Japan through a competition.)
She fights Cutey Honey and stands in connection with the Panther Claws. But what does she intend?
sister-jill-image.jpg - 9,52 K Sister Jill:
She is the leader of the Panther Claws and is under only the actual sovereign, Panther Zora. With the prosecution of her goals, that proceeds with big brutality, whatever have to sense particularly her subordinates painfully. Failures or bearers of bad news have a short life with her.
panther-zora-image.jpg - 5,57 K Panther Zora:
The sole sovereign of the panthers Claws. Sister Jill receives her commands from her. She looks like a gigantic uncanny stone-figure. She intervenes in happening also rarely personally. But if she does it, Cutey Honey has a more than heavy fight.
prince-zera-image.jpg - 7,26 K Prince Zera:
He is another leader of the Panther Claws and wants to have the position of Sister Jill. On the side, he pursues his own plans, with which he must give in to panther Zora however. He knows more than all others. Could it be because of the fact that he looks like another person? As he removes his mask, the spectator is not necessarily surprised, but at least Honey.
bad-guy-image.jpg - 11,81 K Panther Claw no teshita:
Translate: Follower, subordinate of the Panther Claws. The rank and file doesn't have own names. These men are looking always similar and appear as assistants in each episode and are defeated by Cutey Honey easily. They disintegrate to white foam, therefore beautifully bloodless :-) The same happens with them, if Sister Jill is sour once again and works off the feelings...
miharu-san-image.jpg - 12,99 K Miharu-san:
Miharu-san (Mrs. Miharu) is a teacher at Honeys boarding school and there one of the most dreaded watchdogs. Her first name was not probably mentioned (?). She is a big fan of " boy-groups " and has deflected herself through pictures of members of these groups easily: -)
Furthermore, she gives Ikebana-lessons

As more characters, there are still different schoolgirls and students and another person, that only appears from eps. 25 on and looks very strangly. She knows Miharu-san and is possibly also a teacher. Unfortunately she is there up to the end of the series and annoys one with her strange conduct. I believe, she is modeled like a character from the seventh Honey-OVA.


While the CHF-Serie has still been mentioned in the AnimaniA with no word, there was an article in the " FUNime " (membership-magazine of the club " Anime no tomodachi ") already, that has been written incidentally by me, (what a surprise: -)).
=> CHF-article in the FUNime No. 4 (June/July 1998)

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